I'm an MA/MBA Design Leadership graduate from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and MICA. I'm originally from Anchorage, Alaska where my family runs Grubstake Auction, the largest auction company in the state. I studied theatre and psychology at the University of Alaska Southeast and Perseverance Theatre. Upon graduation, I worked in the construction industry and helped build artificial islands and a gold mine.

It's been quite the adventure...

I don’t care to do the incredible,
I just want to do the impossible.
My progress so far...

What I believe:

1. Don't worry about the other guy

2. It hurts to grow

3. Hold the ground

4. Be the hero of your own life

5. If you want to win the lottery, you gotta buy a ticket

6. The Full Windsor is the only proper knot for a tie


What I'm Doing

What I'm Going to Do

Bucket List

 Eat a lobster

 Fly in a rocket

 Meet Mel Brooks

 Complete the Nanowrimo

☑  Become an engineer

 See a tornado 

 Sew a tie 

☑ Become a professional actor

☐ Get an PhD

 Get published

 Run a half marathon

 Pilot a helicopter

 Write a pop song

 Learn the lindy hop

☐ Launch a Start Up

☐ Design and build a watch

☐ Beat Dad at ping-pong

☑ Get an MBA

☑  Participate in Red Bull Flugtag

 Run with the bulls 

☑ Cook in a restaurant 

Where I'm at: